About Danny

My name’s Danny Higgins. I’m thirteen. I’m really ordinary. There’s nothing about me to make you interested in my blog– except one thing. I time travel. I expect you think that I am making all this up and I wouldn’t blame you if you did – I would be just the same but I’m not writing this to convince you. I’m trying to see if anyone else out there has gone back in time – and lived. Is there another time traveller out there? It kind of gets lonely being the only one.

  1. Hello Danny, how old are you?

  2. Can you take a mate with you when you go back in time?

    • dannyhiggins says:

      I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask Kaz. It would be really good to take someone with me. I bet my mate Mark would love to do it, but he’s a bit forgetful. He might not remember to keep his phone charged enough, or to wear the recording device.

  3. Zak says:

    What kind of a phone do you have?

  4. Hi Danny so if you can travell back in time can you go into the future?????????

    And you said you were ordinary but you then claim that you can travell through time I think that you re-phrase it or just change it all together what do you think?

  5. Danny Baxwar says:


    My name is Danny – I live in Bletchley MK. I believe you visted a few years back?

    I crack codes too.


    • dannyhiggins says:

      In truth I’m not very good at codes myself but I met the guy who was the greatest code breaker of all time – well that’s what I believe and if you come from Bletchley MK you will know all about him.

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